What is the difference between a Bartender and a Mixologist?

With the cocktail culture in the sudden limelight, there is a lot of debate about the role of a bartender and a Mixologist. The simple art of mixology has a lot of background...

Cocktail of the week – Kung Fu Panda III

A cocktail inspired from the famed animated movie "Kung Fu Panda" which carries strong, vibrant, humorous and mischievous characters and these characteristics can be experienced in the vibrant flavours of this cocktail, Kung Fu Pandang III. Kung Fu Pandang III by Jeet Verma...

Cocktail Families you must know

In the world of cocktails, it is difficult to mark their authentic origin but history gives us some reference and the masters have been able to categorise them all for people, especially...

Immunity Booster Cocktails by Indian Bartenders

Self quarantine can be really boring! Amidst this corona virus scare, you cannot hangout with your friends or even go out for drinks but we have got you covered with these...

Asia’s 50 Best Bars is going virtual

Another huge turn of events this year in the drinks industry, due to travel restrictions in Asia and beyond, this year’s awards ceremony for Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants is taking the...

5 things bartenders must do amidst the corona virus scare

As we all know the corona virus scare is getting worse everyday, the entire global drinks industry has been effected due to COVID-19 and we can't do anything but only wait.

6 Cocktail Books Every Bartender should read

Bartending isn’t just a job, it is an art. It is an art in which you should not just know how to juggle your bottles, pour a drink in a cocktail...

Cocktail of the Week : Fighting Spirit

Who doesn't need this cocktail right now? With the omnipresent fear of the corona virus pandemic in the entire world, we all scared what will happen next and dedicating it...

The latest cocktail technique Switching, possibly may not work in India

Though it is already established by our Indian bartenders and also friends worldwide that 'clarification' and especially 'fermentation' are the biggest cocktail techniques of 2020 but this novel cocktail technique, 'Switching'...

Beluga Signature Bartender School 2020

The Beluga Signature Bartender School is a 1-day educational pop-up in a participant country in Beluga Signature cocktail competition. The aim of this pop-up is to unite bartenders with experts and...